Truro Art Society

The History of McCarthy Gallery

the McCarthy Gallery

McCarthy Gallery, located at Truro campus of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), is the main exhibition space for the Truro Art Society. Truro Art Society offers members work for sale to the public while on display during the exhibitions.

McCarthy Gallery demonstrates what can be achieved when creative and forward looking partners combine their resources. Peter Labelle initiated the first Nova Scotia Community College student gallery at the Truro Campus in 1997. He recognized the immense educational opportunities that the gallery experience could provide college learners and understood that it would also encourage and cultivate an appreciation of the arts. As he foresaw, it provides NSCC students an opportunity to explore community diversity, creativity and even pursue careers in industry.

In 2006 the student gallery partnered with NSCC's Library Services to form McCarthy Gallery. A Memorandum of Agreement was set up between the College and the Truro Art Society. McCarthy Gallery is operated by volunteers and together they work to respond to the needs and demands of our local and regional art communities while providing Community College students and the community at large with exhibition and education experiences. The gallery inspires confidence, reflection and self reliance in those who participate in this joint venture.

The development of McCarthy Gallery has been a unique means of supporting the NSCC's vision of engaging Nova Scotians in new ways of applying their knowledge and skills while integrating education with community building and economic development. The gallery offers an original and enjoyable way for the community to become more familiar with the college and be very comfortable in visiting. Collaborative undertakings by students, artists and the community continually expand this outreach. All involved recognize that the gallery's impact is far reaching and holds social, economic and educational implications for artists, the college and the community. New and exciting opportunities continue to present themselves.

The response to McCarthy Gallery has been tremendous. The gallery has hosted public and private educational institutions. Residents of senior and long-term care facilities and community living organizations regularly visit, as do tourism and culture agencies, numerous businesses and residents of Truro and Nova Scotia. Out of province visitors often drop in after learning about particular events.

McCarthy Gallery enriches the lives of everyone who chooses to engage with art and culture. Whether one is moved to reflect or react, the gallery experience provides an opportunity for personal and community growth. The gallery is a dynamic undertaking that continues to evolve and afford ever-changing opportunities for artists, Nova Scotia Community College and the wider community.