Truro Art Society

Crystal Fullerton

Artist Bio

Everyone has a creative side. I choose to embrace mine.

My earliest memories are of myself doodling and as I grew older so did my desire to explore my creative ability. I was fortunate enough to have a talented family member who introduced me to pastels and oil painting. The pastels have long since gone by the way side but the medium of oil has always captivated me.

I have a focused fascination with “fur and feathers” and so the majority of my work features beast and fowl. I enjoy the art of photography and can be found at the local racetrack capturing the powerful athletism of the horse on film. Sometimes a scene or a photo will captivate me and before long it becomes a portrait.

I was lucky, I learned at a young age to paint what pleases me and follow the adage of “Do what you love and people will love what you do.” There is no hard or fast rules, no inner artist angst to what I paint. If you see it on canvas, it made an impression on me and I loved the process of creation.

Mediums and styles: Oil, portraiture, realism, abstract focusing on animals and birds.